Bar Harbor Wedding: Emily & Heidi

Oh, Bar Harbor- who doesn’t love an excuse to head up to Bar Harbor?! I was so excited when Emily and Heidi decided to book me as their photographer because:
1. They seemed like such an awesome and wonderful couple on the phone!
2. I love Bar Harbor, Maine!
These two wonderful ladies chose to have their beautiful wedding day at the Causeway Club in Southwest Harbor in Acadia, Maine. The Causeway Club is a golf club near the water and they have an awesome barn perfectly lit for weddings. But before things were underway at the club, Emily and Heidi stayed at a friends house not far away to get ready. There was so much thought and connection put into the wedding.  Friends were helping them get ready- doing their hair and makeup, flowers, decorating the barn, catering the food and they actually found me through mutual friends!  Oh, and do you see capes?  Heidi’s amazing and talented mother makes those, and have become a “thing”, so hilarious!  But once these two ladies were all gussied up, they had a very short and sweet first look moment at their friends home. Then it was time to get married! They whisked off to the Causeway Club and, below the barn, is where everyone gathered for their nuptials. Their Justice of the Peace was a dear companion, and they had a very touching and beautiful wedding ceremony. The love between the two of them was felt by everyone, and everyone’s love for them was felt as well! They sealed it with a kiss, and then it was portrait time! We took some portraits right around the barn, and then we zoomed down the hill to the water via golf carts. The lighting couldn’t have been more perfect, and their whole bridal party was such a hoot! After their beautiful portraits were done it was time to celebrate with friends, family, yummy food, and great acoustic tunes. After several touching toasts were given it was time to dance, and did this crew dance! In between the beats we even found time to sneak down to the water right at sunset. We made it a quick portrait session as the mosquitos were attacking us down by the water and I was yelling “SLAP” (to slap mosquitos) in between photos! And despite all the bites, Emily and Heidi were laughing through it all. Wow, what a totally awesome day and I’m so excited for you two! It was a total pleasure, and hope you have fun reliving the day looking through these photos!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography.

Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0061Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0002Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0003Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0004Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0005Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0006Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0007Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0008Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0009Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0010Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0011Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0012Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0013Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0015Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0062Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0017Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0018Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0019Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0020Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0021Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0022Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0023Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0024Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0025Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0026Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0027Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0028Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0029Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0030Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0031Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0032Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0033Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0063Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0035Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0036Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0037Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0038Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0039Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0040Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0041Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0042Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0043Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0044Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0045Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0046Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0047Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0048Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0049Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0050Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0051Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0052Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0053Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0060Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0054Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0056Bar_Harbor_Wedding_0057Main Photography:  Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

Ceremony:  Causeway Club, Southwest Harbor, Maine

Reception Location:  Causeway Club, Southwest Harbor, Maine

Florist:  Chickadee Hill Flowers, Emily Henry, Bar Harbor, ME

Catering:  Milk and Honey, Northeast Harbor, ME

Wedding Desserts:  Milk and Honey, Northeast Harbor, ME

Music:  Mel Lisy, Southwest Harbor

Hair & Makeup:  Mel Lisy of Studio 296, Southwest Harbor ME

Emily’s Wedding Dress:  Madeline’s Daughter, Portsmouth, NH

Emily’s Wedding Shoes:  TOMS Shoes

Emily’s Dancing Dress:  Nicole Miller from Spoil Me, Falmouth, ME

Heidi’s Wedding Ensemble:  Banana republic pants, Anne Taylor top, John Fluevog shoes

Capes:  Heidi’s Mother, Linda Shingleton


Newfound Lake Wedding: Brie & Eric

Newfound Lake is a beautiful body of water here in New Hampshire, and this lake for Brie and Eric was extra special as Brie’s parents have a home right on the lake itself. With this connection it was the obvious choice for them to have their wedding day! Brie got ready at her parents home, and Eric was right next door at another lakeside house. Brie, her bridesmaids and her mother wore beautiful floral robes as they were getting ready, so pretty! And speaking of pretty, Brie’s flowers were simply stunning and done by Mary of Lotus Floral Designs. Portraits on the lake were a must prior, and they set up to have the ceremony in the backyard of Brie’s parents home! Their sweet nieces carried signs to present the bride, and Brie’s father walked her down the aisle to Eric. They had a sweet and simple ceremony there, and sealed it with a kiss! After the ceremony we took a few more portraits by the lake with family members and the bridal party, and then it was time for a few special portraits of the newly weds. Then it was celebration time back at The Inn on Newfound Lake. What a beautiful place! The inn is classic and their barn for the wedding celebration is stunning inside! Bold blues accented the barn and guests even received homemade blueberry jam as favors. Toasts, dancing and a hilarious cake cutting episode filled the evening with laughter. We even snuck away for a beautiful sunset portrait to top off the day! Congratulations Eric & Brie, what a beautiful a wedding it was and thank you to Dominic Casserly for second shooting with us for the day!

Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0001 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0002 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0003 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0004 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0005 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0006 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0007 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0008 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0009 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0010 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0011 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0012 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0013 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0014 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0015 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0016 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0017 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0018 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0019 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0020 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0021 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0022 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0023 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0024 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0025 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0026 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0027 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0028 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0029 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0030 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0031 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0032 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0033 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0034 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0035 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0036 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0037 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0038 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0039 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0040 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0041 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0042 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0043 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0044 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0045 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0046 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0047 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0048 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0049 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0050 Newfound_Lake_Wedding_0051Second Shooter:  Dominic Casserly

Ceremony:  Family home on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire

Reception Location:  The Inn on Newfound Lake

Catering:  The Inn on Newfound Lake

Florist:  Lotus Floral Designs

Music: Holy Cow Music Productions

Wedding  Cake:  OooLaLa Creative Cakes

Hair & Makeup:  Cascade Spa at Mill Falls

Wedding Dress:  Madeleine’s Daughter