Hardy Barn Inspiration: New Hampshire Wedding Magazine Published Winter/Spring 2014

As the snow still falls in the wintery Northeast, Anne and I are beyond excited to share with you a stunning inspiration shoot from this past summer of 2013.  To see it published and sitting on our desks is an honor and treat after such a busy wedding season last year.  The collaboration efforts from some of our favorite vendors in town was extremely professional and a creative benchmark for future shoots.  The weather itself couldn’t have been more beautiful to showcase Fryeburg, Maine’s natural appeal and the historical feel of Hardy Farm.  The day fell together smoothly as we all laughed, pitched off ideas, and took in the most beautiful setting we, personally, have ever seen.  It didn’t hurt that our friends (and personal real-life couple) Jess and Bryan fit into their attire perfectly.  Jess wore two beautiful gowns from, a quickly becoming very popular, Sarah Seven, of Portland, Oregon. Carrie Schribner from Dutch Bloeman Winkel was in her comfort zone designing a floral masterpiece, pulling inspiration from oranges and pinks.  Erin Sampson, of Just Plain Lovely, added her love of beautiful textiles to the main dining table and dessert table.  Debony, of Debony Salon in Jackson, NH, was such a fun asset to the day with her energy and creative ideas.  She really fit Jess’s character perfectly with natural details in her hair and make-up.  McKaella’s Sweet Shop of North Conway topped it off with playful cakes and treats.  Wow.  What a beautiful afternoon we had.  A collection of friends doing what they do best- inspire.  If you live in the Northeast, pick up the latest issue of New Hampshire Wedding Magazine!

All our best, Anne Skidmore and Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography



Mike & Liz: November Wentworth Inn Wedding

On November 2nd, 2013, Mike and Liz celebrated their wedding day in Jackson, New Hampshire at the Wentworth Inn.  The temperatures were perfect for taking all their portraits outside.  For early November it was unseasonably warm!  So fun and lucky too!  My gosh, we could have had snow on the ground.  They both took time to dress for the day in the Amster Suite.  Mike headed outside first and waited for his bride to tap him on the shoulder for their totally cute first look moment.  Liz walked across the Wentworth green to her future husband, and gently tapped him on the shoulder.  His reaction was so great and full of life!  And it was right then I learned that Liz’s smile is completely contagious!  It is so grand, sweet, and you just can’t help but smile yourself.  By the end of the day my cheeks hurt from smiling as well!  We bopped all around Jackson for their portraits. Mike and Liz were psyched to go just about anywhere and we were able to capture so many beautiful shots.  Their ceremony was in the Little White Church in Jackson with Reverend Lee performing their ceremony.  Reverend Lee’s services are always so full of life and passion.  He is one of the best out there and a special man indeed.  Their ceremony had very sweet and touching moments with Reverend Lee always making sure that everyone smiles and laughs a few times.  Liz and Mike sealed it with a kiss, and we took a few dusk portraits before heading over to celebrate inside the beautiful Wentworth Inn.  The whole bridal party was announced down into the main hall, and was followed by first dances, and naturally wonderful toasts were given by the bridal party and Liz’s father.  A delicious meal followed, and then is was time to dance!  There was fabulous music and lighting provided by Get Down Tonight and everyone danced their tail feathers off!  Thank you Mike & Liz!  We loved capturing your beautiful wedding!  Take a peek below!

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Ceremony:  Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Reception Location:  Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Wedding Coordinator:  Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Catering:  Wentworth Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Florist:  Blooming Vineyards

Music:  Get Down Tonight

Hair:  Cut Off Salon

Makeup: Cut Off Salon

Wedding Cake:  White Mountain Cupcakery