Wentworth Inn Wedding: Shawn & Patrice

Oh this was a fun one, with such a wonderful couple! Let’s start from the beginning! I met Shawn and Patrice about a year ago at The Wenworth Inn, in Jackson, New Hampshire. We met to chat about wedding photography, and they were so lovely and so sweet, I had my fingers crossed they would pick us to capture their special day. And they did! On September 20th, 2014 they became husband and wife at The Wentworth Inn. Patrice, her mother, and her bridesmaids got ready at her family’s vacation home in North Conway, New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Shawn and the boys were getting ready at The Wentworth Inn. We set up a beautiful first look moment at the old Jackson Library. The quaint old historic building was the perfect spot and backdrop for them to see each other for the first time! For the remaining hour we went to multiple spots around Jackson and took so many lovely portraits. This year in particular we are loving these first look moments and portrait time. We find the couple is more at ease, they have a special time together, and the photos are stunning! After their portraits we bopped back to The Wentworth Inn for family and bridal party photos. Everything seemed effortlessly elegant on their wedding day! Next it was time for them to get married with over one hundred friends and family surrounding Shawn and Patrice. The sound of the Jackson Falls was in the background as they declared their vows and sealed it with a kiss! After the ceremony everyone made their way back to the inn for the cocktail hour with the bride and groom. Before we knew it, it was time to head into the tent for dinner and the celebration. What a night it was! Filled with great toasts, first dances, portraits at dusk, music, and oh yeah, MORE dancing! Thank you Shawn & Patrice, we loved capturing your beautiful wedding day!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0001 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0002 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0003 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0004 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0005 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0006 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0066Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0007 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0008 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0009 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0010 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0011 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0012 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0013 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0014 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0015 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0016 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0017 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0018 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0019 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0020 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0021 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0022 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0023 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0024 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0025 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0026 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0027 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0028 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0029 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0030 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0031 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0032 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0033 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0034 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0035 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0036 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0037 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0038 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0039 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0040 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0041 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0042 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0043 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0044 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0045 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0046 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0047 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0048 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0049 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0050 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0051 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0052 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0053 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0054 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0055  Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0057 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0058 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0056Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0059 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0060 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0061 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0062 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0063 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0066Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0064 Wentworth_Inn_Wedding_0065

Main Photographer:  Anne Skidmore

Second Shooter:  Lea Morgan

Ceremony:  The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Reception Location:  The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Catering: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Florist:  Dutch Bloemen Winkel

Band:  Airtight Band

Hair & Makeup:  The Cut Off Spa


Cranmore Mountain Resort Wedding: Kelli & Bill

On September 20th, 2014, Bill waited in Whitaker Woods for Kelli to walk around the corner.  They opted for a first look moment before their ceremony near the rustic barns in the center of North Conway. I love couples like this.  They were completely comfortable with one another and laughed and goofed the entire time.  Kelli was cracking jokes left and right.  Bill was laughing.  I was trying not to (in order to focus on capturing those moments).  After taking portraits near the barns, we went for a quick walk into Whitaker Woods.  Kelli and Bill frequently walk their dog in the woods and it was their idea to take the portraits in that setting.  What a great idea!  Parents, family and the bridal party showed up at the barns after the portraits and Kelli and her bridesmaids were cracking each other up.  Again, laughing- all the time.  It was awesome. The ceremony was held at the base of Cranmore Mountain Resort- followed by the reception inside the pub.  Kelli grew up ski racing at Cranmore- this was a special place for her to host her wedding.  The ceremony was followed by a cocktail hour inside where the reception was held.  Before Kelli and Bill were announced inside, we hiked up the ski slopes a bit until we could see mountain views.  We were able to capture the moody evening sky in some dramatic portraits as the last bit of light slipped away.  The evening finished with a wonderful toast by Kelli’s Man of Honor (her brother), an amazing dinner, a first dance and laughter all night. You two are one of a kind!  Thank you for asking me to capture such a fun day!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_001Cranmore_Mountain_Wedding_0044Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_003Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_004Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_005Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_006Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_007Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_008Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_009Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_010Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_011Cranmore_Mountain_Wedding_0047Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_013Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_014Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_015Cranmore_Mountain_Wedding_0045Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_016Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_017Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_018Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_019Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_020Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_021Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_022Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_023Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_024Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_025Cranmore_Mountain_Wedding_0046Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_027Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_028Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_029Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_030Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_031Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_032Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_033Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_034Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_035Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_036Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_037Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_038Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_039Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_040Cranmore_Mountain_Resort_041Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Cranmore Mountain Resort, North Conway, NH

Reception Location: Cranmore Mountain Resort, North Conway, NH

Catering: Centerplate, Cranmore Mountain Resort, North Conway, NH

Florist:  Ruthie’s Flower Shop, Conway, NH

Music: DJ Audley Williams

Hair:  Melissa Tondero

Makeup:  Advanced Skin Care, North Conway, NH

Wedding Cake:  The Sugarmaker Bakery, Glen, NH