Alerin Barn Wedding: Kevin & Rachel

By Jordan Luciano | May 24, 2017

Let me start off this story by saying that I received the most fun text messages after my first meeting with Rachel and Kevin.  After a quick coffee in January, these two athletes headed out to Bear Notch Ski Touring for a cross country ski.  They sent me selfies of themselves goofing off in the cold and I knew I was in for a treat photographing their wedding day.  The Alerin Barn is the perfect venue for these two.  Located in St. Johnsbury, VT and laid back and quirky, this venue is full of character and uniqueness that people just love.  The owners pour themselves into keeping this place special year after year.  I always return with a smile on my face!  The weather turned out to be just perfect- a warm summer day with big white puffy clouds rolling through.  Rachel and Kevin got ready across the way from each other and opted for a first look.  A shaded apple tree happened to be the best spot for the first look to take place and little to my knowledge, an apple orchard is where Kevin proposed.  I love when things just fall into place!  We were able to utilize the beautiful grounds for lots of portraits and we got our fitness in for the day walking all over!  Family and bridal party joined in on the fun before the ceremony started up the hill.  A unique ceremony with Jewish tradition took place overlooking the rolling hills and nearby mountains with lots of laughs (thanks to the grandparents jokes!).  A beautiful cocktail hour at the prime time of the day was held down under the pavilion with some unique appetizers and drinks.  Toasts took place outside causally at the end of cocktail hour and I ended up loving this idea!  A local band from Boston (Young Love and the Thrills) kept people psyched all night!  The dance floor was packed and I even found myself staying a bit longer because the music was so good!  Congratulations again to Kevin and Rachel.  May you look back on this day and always remember how much fun people had and how wonderful you two are.  I hope married life has been amazing!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Mae Hogan

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Stone Mountain Arts Center Wedding: Janice & John

By Anne | April 30, 2017

Combine the Stone Mountain Arts Center, Moonset Farm Florals, and a wonderful climbing couple and what do you get?  An absolutely beautiful wedding at one of our favorite places!  We’re looking back at John and Janice’s beautiful summer wedding and loving all the vibrant colors as spring is just starting to start here.  These two love birds decided to wed on a beautiful August day and have all their friends and family experience the warmth, beauty and unique character of the Stone Mountain Arts Center.  This place screams Maine with their amazing post and beam structure and being nestled right in the outskirts of the White Mountains.  Janice got ready at the adorable Snowvillage Inn just down the road while John put on his suit at the SMAC barn.  These two opted for a first look moment to ease their nerves and be able to bop around to a bunch of different spots for their portraits.  They also wanted to be able to spend their cocktail hour with their family and guests after the ceremony, so doing the first look and portraits prior helped a lot with that!  They wed in the big SMAC barn and the evening was filled with a fun cocktail hour, tasty homemade dinner, dancing, sunset portraits and to top it off, a sparkler exit!  Wow!  What a day!  We loved working with this wonderfully awesome couple and at the same time we made new friends!  Such a win win for us!  Congrats again you two!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

Second Photographer:  Lea Morgan
Florist: Moonset Farm
Music Selection: DJ Rob Riccitelli
Ceremony Location: Stone Mountain Arts Center
Reception Location: Stone Mountain Arts Center
Wedding Coordinator & Officiant: Hannah Babineau at Stone Mountain Arts Center
Catering: Stone Mountain Arts Center
Hair & Makeup: The Root Cellar
Wedding Cake (name/phone/website): Baker at Moulton Farm
Wedding Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter
Wedding Rings: North Country Fair Jewelers
Little Table/Guest Giveaways (name/item/phone/website): Tree Saplings from Arbor Day

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Alerin Barn Summer Wedding: Marianna & Seth

By Jordan Luciano | February 25, 2017

Anne and I are so excited to catch up with all our blogging from the the end of our 2016 wedding season.  There are so many beautiful weddings hitting our blog in the coming months and it’s nice to revisit these weddings as the images are a fresh reminder of why we love our clients so much.  Each wedding is unique and every one of our couples have their own style and character, allowing our blog posts to be constantly changing and fresh.  It’s fun to look back on when I first met Marianna and Seth, the lovely couple whose images follow this.  We met for coffee early in the summer of 2016 on a warm sunny day at our local shop, Frontside Grind.  I always walk away from these meetings even more excited to photograph a couple’s special day as they tell me stories about their family members, the details involved, and I can usually tell right then if I’m going to catch a lot of portraits of them laughing (my favorite).  Seth is a goof and Marianna has the best laugh- a wonderful match.  Alerin Barn continues to be one of my favorite venues.  The moment I walk on the property each time I’m there, I get such a relaxed vibe and it really helps start off my day on a positive note.  The owners of the Alerin barn alway play music from the one radio station that comes in clear from Burlington, Vermont, 104.7- The Point.  It’s the best!  Marianna and Seth’s wedding day was perfectly sunny with bright blue skies.  The farm and fields surrounding the Alerin Barn were alive with farm animals grazing, bees doing their thing, and the local vegetable garden straining to catch the mid-morning sunlight.  I always arrive a bit early to each wedding to be able to photograph the quiet moments before the day really begins.  I found Marianna upstairs in the main inn getting ready while Seth and the guys were goofing off in the bunk house across the driveway.  Marianna and Seth opted for a first look (which I think is a great idea!) and we were able to take lots of portraits both in the sunlight and shade.  The bridal party and family met us before the ceremony so we could capture those portraits and allow Marianna and Seth to attend their entire cocktail hour.  The ceremony is one of the most special parts of the Alerin Barn, sitting up on a hill overlooking the local Vermont mountains and hills.  Guests are carted up in a antique tractor with a wagon attached- this really sets off the vibe for many of the guests to relax and laugh and enjoy the outdoors.  After the ceremony, guests walk down the grass pathway to the cocktail hour near Horned Pout Pond under the pavilion.  After an hour of mingling, drinking cocktails and roaming the property, guests were invited into the Alerin Barn by Marianna and Seth themselves, an Alerin Barn tradition.  Champagne was passed around and Marianna and Seth made quite the entrance down the barn stairs into their first dance.  Hilarious toasts were given and people sure did laugh.  Outside the sun was setting so we hurried out near the fields for a few evening portraits and then Marianna and Seth lit off a wish lantern into the night sky.  Desserts were served out under the pavilion, a bon fire stayed lit all evening and many of the guests danced their hearts out inside the barn.  We can’t express how much we love this venue but if it weren’t for our awesome couples, it wouldn’t matter.  Thank you Marianna and Seth for being such a joy to work with and we hope you enjoy looking through the images from your wedding day once again.  Much love!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Corey Fitzgerald

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Moody Mountain Farm Wedding: Nick & Katrina

By Jordan Luciano | October 27, 2016

The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm is definitely a highlight of our summer when we get to photograph at this lovely venue.  We love it here!  Tucked into the fields of historic Wolfeboro, we can feel the history that lives with this place and it mixes a rustic barn (classic New Hampshire) wedding atmosphere with so much elegance.  We know Nick and Katrina because, not only are they locals to the Mount Washington Valley, but they are wonderful friends of ours and bring so much character and enthusiasm to our climbing community.  I’ve been chatting with Katrina all summer long at our evening cookouts getting the latest news on the details surrounding the wedding day.  I’ve been excited about this day since they booked last year!  Nick, being the goofy character of the two, brought so much fun and laughter to the day while Katrina was absolutely stunning and helped quite Nick up a bit with her looks.  The humor these two share is on another level.  They are one of those couples that are PERFECT for each other.  We lucked out with the rain holding off until the later evening hours and the misty foggy weather created a very cozy atmosphere.  The ceremony was moved into the barn and their friends and families casually lined the perimeter and cheered as they became husband and wife.  While guests enjoyed the cocktail hour on the back side of the barn, we were able to capture a ton of fun portraits of not only Nick and Katrina, but the bridal party and family as well.  Tuckerman Brewery filled many empty mason cups to the brim as well as some signature drinks.  The toasts were underway and dinner soon followed that in the barn.  Guests were free to roam the barn and the property and watch as the traditional watermelon was passed around outside to be perfectly carved into Nick’s crowning of the groom.  As the rain started to fall in the last evening minutes, Nick, Katrina, Austin (my awesome second photographer) and I all ran out into the rain to capture a few final portraits of the couple standing in the giant entrance to the barn.  We try our best to compensate for some fun portraits even if the sunset decides not to show that day.  There was so much dancing and it was so much fun to capture the party!  There is a tradition in Katrina’s family that at every wedding, they crown the groom with a custom watermelon helmet.  I’m so glad I was still around to document this craziness.  Katrina was even crowned with one too!  This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever photographed at a wedding thus far.  You two are so lucky to have such fun families!  Keep on being you and we can’t wait to see your marriage and family grow!  You two are the best! xo!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

moody_mountain_farm_wedding__001moody_mountain_farm_wedding_0090 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__002 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__003 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__004 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__005 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__006 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__007 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__008 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__009 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__010 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__011 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__012 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__013 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__014 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__015 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__016 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__017 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__018 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__019 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__020 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__021 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__022 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__023 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__024 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__025 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__026 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__027 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__028 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__029 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__030 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__031 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__032 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__033 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__034 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__035 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__036 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__037 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__038 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__039 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__040 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__041 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__042 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__043 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__044 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__045 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__046 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__047 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__048 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__049 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__050 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__051 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__052 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__053 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__055 moody_mountain_farm_wedding_0093moody_mountain_farm_wedding__056 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__057 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__058 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__059moody_mountain_farm_wedding_0091 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__060 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__061 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__062 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__063 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__064 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__065 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__066 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__067 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__070moody_mountain_farm_wedding__068 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__069 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__071 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__072 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__073 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__074 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__075 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__076 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__077 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__078 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__079 moody_mountain_farm_wedding__080 moody_mountain_farm_wedding_0094Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Austin Perry

Ceremony:  The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm, Wolfeboro, NH

Reception Location:   The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm, Wolfeboro, NH

Catering: Chef Joe’s Catering, Franconia, NH

Florist:  Linda’s Flowers, Wolfeboro, NH

Hair: Kayla Fair-Sullivan

Make-Up: Elizabeth Smith

Wedding Cake:  From Scratch Baking, Wolfeboro, NH

Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet for David’s Bridal

Wedding Rings: Valley Jewelers, Conway NH & The Kalled Gallery, Wolfeboro

Wedding Coordinator: Sheena Harte, Showcase Events

Justice of the Peace: Rick Wilcox

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New Hampshire Private Home Wedding: Mike & Cate

By Anne | October 10, 2016

Imagine a beautiful white estate in the hills of New Hampshire with mountains off in the distance and a pristine lake down the road.  This was the dreamy place where Mike & Cate wed!  Cate had worked for the family of this private home for about 13 years, and thus this property is a second home to her and this dear family is her second family.  When choosing a place to have their special day, Pine Hill Farm was one that naturally came to mind for these two love birds.  They wed on the most stunning summers day with family and the bridal party staying inside the main house and the cottage house.  They newlyweds opted for a sweet first look moment outside of the main house so they could join their celebration more quickly after their ceremony.  Right around three thirty in the afternoon their nearest and dearest started to arrive for their intimate ceremony at four o’clock.  Cates father made the stunning arbor, while her brother Jim officiated the wedding.  In addition, flowers and bouquets by Emily Herzig Floral Studio were exploding with beauty wherever you looked.  The highlight of the ceremony was when their sweet nephew Jack brought them their rings on his little motorized John Deer tractor.  As he crashed into things and people all the way down the aisle, everyone exploded into laughter.  Soon enough the rings arrived and sealed with a kiss, Mike and Cate were married.  The rest of the afternoon was filled with a colorful cocktail hour filled with laughter, family and good friends.  As dinner began there were thoughtful and hilarious toasts given, and a special moment of meditation to reflect on the day by Cates bridesmaid Jessie.  The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, yummy food, cake, a beautiful sunset, and a perfect nights sky.  We even snuck in some evening portraits right at sunset.  What a day!  Thank you Cate and Mike for having us capture your incredibly beautiful wedding day.  It was a joy and an honor.
Photographed by Anne Skidmore & Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

new_hampshire_wedding_0076new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0002new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0003new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0004new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0005new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0006new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0007new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0008new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0009new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0010new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0011new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0012new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0013new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0014new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0015new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0017new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0018new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0019new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0020new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0021new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0022new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0023new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0024new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0025new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0026new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0027new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0028new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0029new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0030new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0031 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0032 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0033 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0034 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0035 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0036 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0037 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0038 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0039 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0040 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0041 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0042 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0043 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0044 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0045 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0046 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0047 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0048 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0049 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0050 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0051 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0052 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0053 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0054 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0055 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0056 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0057 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0058 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0059 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0060new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0061 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0062 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0063 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0064 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0065 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0066 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0067 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0068 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0069 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0070 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0071 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0072 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0073 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0074 new_hampshire_wedding_photography_0075Second Photographer:  Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography
Florist:  Emily Herzig Floral Studio
Band:  Ripcord
Ceremony & Reception Location:  Private Home, Moultonborough, NH
Catering:  Marie Gerli
Wedding Coordinator:  Lindsey Eaton
Hair & Makeup:  Stacia Tetrault
Wedding Cake:  Cup & Crumb
Wedding Dress:  Felice Bridal


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Rustic Maine Barn Love: Jamie & Kimberly

By Anne | September 27, 2016

We love this wedding!  It was a true family farm barn wedding in Maine!  Jamie’s grandmother has an absolutely charming farm in New Vineyard, Maine and this was the perfect and very personal place for Kimberly and Jamie to have their special day.  In addition to the beautiful farm, Jamie’s folks live in a stunning lake house just down the road.  Jamie got ready at his parents lake house while Kimberly and her ladies got ready at a rented lake house just a little further down.  We loved Kimberly’s stunning Michal Motil dress, which was a two piece top and skirt!  The best part?  She started in an elegant long skirt to start the day, and then later changed into an adorable short skirt for dinner and dancing!  These two opted for a first look moment so they could spend lots of time with friends and family after their ceremony.  Jamie waited for Kimberly on the dock of his parents lake house, and their reaction to seeing each other for the first time is one of the most expressive and amazing we’ve ever captured!  After their first look we took portraits at the lake house and also back at the family farm!  I mean we had the best of both worlds!  Before we knew it, it was time for these two love birds to get married.  They wed across the street from the family farm, right by the family pond.  Yes, they even had a family pond, so adorable!  After the ceremony everyone walked back to the farm for cocktail hour in the barn.  Dinner was under the tent with warm, sweet and funny toasts filling the air.  After dinner we scooted  to the fields to take portraits under the most incredible sunset we’ve seen all year!  It was on FIRE!  When we returned everyone was back in the barn dancing the night away.  What a totally awesome day!  Congrats Jamie & Kimberly, we loved capturing your beautifully rustic chic Maine family farm and barn wedding!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

maine_barn_wedding_0052 maine_barn_wedding_0002 maine_barn_wedding_0003 maine_barn_wedding_0004 maine_barn_wedding_0005 maine_barn_wedding_0006 maine_barn_wedding_0007 maine_barn_wedding_0008 maine_barn_wedding_0009 maine_barn_wedding_0010 maine_barn_wedding_0011 maine_barn_wedding_0012 maine_barn_wedding_0013 maine_barn_wedding_0014 maine_barn_wedding_0015 maine_barn_wedding_0016 maine_barn_wedding_0017 maine_barn_wedding_0018 maine_barn_wedding_0019 maine_barn_wedding_0020 maine_barn_wedding_0021 maine_barn_wedding_0022 maine_barn_wedding_0023 maine_barn_wedding_0024 maine_barn_wedding_0025 maine_barn_wedding_0026 maine_barn_wedding_0027 maine_barn_wedding_0028 maine_barn_wedding_0029 maine_barn_wedding_0030 maine_barn_wedding_0031 maine_barn_wedding_0032 maine_barn_wedding_0033 maine_barn_wedding_0034 maine_barn_wedding_0035 maine_barn_wedding_0036 maine_barn_wedding_0037 maine_barn_wedding_0038 maine_barn_wedding_0039 maine_barn_wedding_0040 maine_barn_wedding_0041 maine_barn_wedding_0042 maine_barn_wedding_0043 maine_barn_wedding_0044 maine_barn_wedding_0045 maine_barn_wedding_0046 maine_barn_wedding_0047 maine_barn_wedding_0048 maine_barn_wedding_0049 maine_barn_wedding_0050 maine_barn_wedding_0051

Second Photographer: Mae Hogan
Florist: Richard’s Florist
DJ: DJ In Maine
Ceremony: Private Residence
Reception: Private Residence
Catering: Gourmet In A Pinch
Hair & Makeup: Josselyn Perez of HeadWaves
Wedding Cake: The Bankery
Wedding Dress: Michal Motil
Brides Shoes:  Me Too Shoes
Grooms Shoes:  Cole Haan
Bridesmaid Dresses:  Weddington Way
Bridal Party Gifts:  Sea Bags

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Maine Barn Wedding: Talicia & Margie

By Anne | September 5, 2016

Let’s start from the top!  We were so fortunate to meet Margie & Talicia through Margie’s sister Gina, who runs an amazing farm (Hancock Family Farm) where we receive our CSA veggies from every summer and early fall.  When Gina explained to us that her sisters wedding was on her parents beautiful farm in Maine, it sounded picture perfect.  We met Talicia & Margie at the Honeyhill Farm, and the was just as beautiful and homey as we envisioned.  These two fabulous ladies wed on a beautiful summers day in July, where everyone chipped in to help make their day so magical.  Margie’s father was putting up garland and running around setting up decorations, Gina did all the flowers with flowers from her farm, Margie’s close girlfriends were helping her get ready and stay calm, while Talicia’s mother and brother were helping her get ready in the barn.  These two brides were just glowing through and through, and their beautiful smiles were contagious!  Before their ceremony they hosted a cocktail hour for their guests to enjoy and get acquainted with the property.  When it was time for the ceremony, Margie’s twin nieces who were the flower girls threw their flowers down the aisles, and then both Talicia & Margie’s mothers walked them both down the aisle.  Their ceremony was personal and sweet, with one of the family pups coming up to the alter for a visit and giving everyone a good laugh.  Soon the girls sealed their marriage with a kiss and it was time to celebrate.  Cocktails on the lawn followed the ceremony while we did portraits.  An amazing Maine lobster meal catered by The Bread & Butter Catering Co. was thoroughly enjoyed by all!  After dinner the the evening was filled with catching up with friends, evening sunset portraits, toasts, and dancing with music by DJ DeVanity.   Wow!  What a day it was and we were so very honored to capture the marriage of two amazing women!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore & Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography 

Maine_Barn_Wedding_0001 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0002 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0003 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0004 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0005 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0006 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0007 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0008 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0009 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0010 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0011 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0012 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0013 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0014 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0015 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0016 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0018 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0019 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0020 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0017Maine_Barn_Wedding_0021 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0022 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0023 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0024 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0025 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0026 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0029Maine_Barn_Wedding_0027 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0030Maine_Barn_Wedding_0028 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0031 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0032 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0033 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0034 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0035 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0036 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0037 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0038 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0039 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0040 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0041
Maine_Barn_Wedding_0043 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0042Maine_Barn_Wedding_0044 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0045 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0046 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0047 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0048 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0049 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0050 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0051 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0052 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0053 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0054 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0055 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0068Maine_Barn_Wedding_0069Maine_Barn_Wedding_0056 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0057 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0058 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0059 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0060 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0061 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0062 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0063 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0064 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0065 Maine_Barn_Wedding_0066

 Photographers:  Anne Skidmore & Jordan Luciano
Venue: The Honeyhill Family Farm, New Gloucester, Maine
Flowers:  Hancock Family Farm, Casco, Maine
Hair & Makeup:  Akari, Portland, Maine
Catering:  The Bread & Butter Catering Co., Portland, Me
Dress:  BHLDN
Music:  DJ DeVanity

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Eagle Mountain House Summer Wedding: Amy & Nichole

By Jordan Luciano | August 26, 2016

Amy and Nichole were married on the second of July, just as they would have hoped.  They celebrated their love in a unique way, always on the second of each month.  Their first date was on July 2nd, five years ago.  They were engaged on December 2nd and often, Nichole would continue to surprise Amy with something most months, always on the second.   Luckily, July 2nd, 2016 fell on a Saturday- a chilly one for the usually holiday weekend.  A cold front moved through, bringing such a refreshing breeze and some really dramatic cloud cover off in the distance.  Nichole loves to read and it was their fitting idea to have their first look in the Jackson Public Library.  After the girls both got ready on opposite floors of the Eagle Mountain House, Nichole awaited Amy’s arrival with her four bridesmaids.  Nichole’s bridesmaids wore a darker shade of blue while Amy’s wore a bright bold blue color.  Each of the girls got to pick out their own favorite Tom’s shoe to wear, a gift from Amy and Nichole.  Amy arrived at the library and all the girls started bawling.  The emotions in the library were so high and it was so neat to have all the bridesmaids witness their first look.  Amy and Nichole each grabbed a book, stepped out into the aisle and faced each other, with the books still covering their faces.  On their count of three, they lowered the books.  Tears! Everyone was crying!  We spent the next hour visiting different locations around downtown Jackson taking portraits and having an absolute blast.  These girls are all so special.  Guests started arriving back up at the Eagle Mountain House- the ceremony was about to begin!  Amy and Nichole were each walked down the aisle by their parents.  A unique ceremony, centered around the love of each other as well as their community, was followed by their fist kiss as brides!  A skip down the aisle and these two snuck out to the bridge just below the ceremony site for a quite moment alone.  Cocktail hour back up on the veranda welcomed the guests and we were able to spend much of the time taking details of the tent and fun portraits of the guests enjoying themselves.  Speeches, followed by a wonderful dinner in the tent, was a prelude to all the dancing that was about to come.  Luckily, I was able to sneak Amy and Nichole away for a few more portraits down the road.  I’m so glad we did!  They were even more adorable than before and we were able to utilize the beautiful evening light.  I stayed for some fun, classic dance moves- Britney Spears definitely brought some people to the middle of the dance floor.  Thank you two for asking us to document your special day.  Amy and Nichole- you two are so special to us and we are so glad we were there to witness it all.  All the best in the world!!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__001Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__002 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__003 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__004 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__005Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__006 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__007 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__008 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__009 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__010 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__011 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__012 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__013 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__014 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__015 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__016 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__017 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__018 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__019 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__020 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__021 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__022 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__023 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__024Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__025 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__026 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__027 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__028 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__029 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__031 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__030 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__032 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__033 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__034 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__035 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__036Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__037 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__038 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__039 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__040 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__041 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__042 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__043 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__044 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__045 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__046 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__047 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__048Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__049 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__050 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__051 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__052 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__053 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__054 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__055 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__056 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__057 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__058 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__059 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__060Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__061 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__062 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__063 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__064 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__065 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__066 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__067 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__068 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__069 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__070 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__071 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__072Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__073 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__074 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__075 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__076 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__077 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__078 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__079 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__080 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__081 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__082 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__083 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__084Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__085 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__086 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__087 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__088 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__089 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__090 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__091 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__092 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__093 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__094 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__095 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__096Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__097 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__098 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__099 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__100 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__101 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__102 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__103 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__104 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__105 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__106 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__107 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__108Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__109 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__110 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__111 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__112 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__113 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__114 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__115 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__116 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__117 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__118 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__119

Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Mae Hogan

Ceremony:  3rd Tee, Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Reception Location:   Tent, Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Catering: Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Florist:  Dutch Bloemen Winkel, Jackson, NH

Hair & Makeup: Debony Salon, Jackson, NH & Sarah Ghelfi

Wedding Cake:  White Mountain Cider Co., Bartlett, NH

Wedding Dress: Inspirations Bridal, North Conway, NH

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo and Allure Bridal

Wedding Shoes: Toms

Wedding Coordinator: Kathleen DeVitto and Courtney of Eagle Mountain House


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Christmas Farm Inn Wedding: Kyle & Shannon

By Anne | August 17, 2016

Here we have a beautiful couple who wed this past June at one of our favorite venues in Jackson, New Hampshire known as The Christmas Farm Inn.  The mountainous and wooded backdrop of Jackson fit exactly what they envisioned for the location of their wedding day.  The rustic charm of the inn, particularly the barn, and its location up in the White Mountains made Kyle and Shannon fall head over heels with The Christmas Farm Inn.  Their ultimate vision was to have an intimate wedding, in an outdoorsy location with their closest friends and family.  Kyle got ready in “The Barn”, while Shannon was in the “Sugar Shack” just around the corner.  They had their ceremony outside on the front lawn, and included a very sweet tree planting ceremony.  As soon as their ceremony was over we bopped around the Christmas Farm Inn property for portraits and we also went to a couple of incredible spots (with special permission) in Jackson, New Hampshire.  These two were so fun to work with, and Kyle even swooped Shannon off her feet (without any prompting from us or her!) and carried her down the trail to the field of wildflowers.  What a guy!  We were obviously swooning over Shannon’s BHLDN dress and Kyle was looking very sharp is his blue-grey suit, we loved their impeccable style!  The evening was full of laughter, love, dancing, toasts, and to round it out we snuck out for some sunset portraits.  Thank you Shannon & Kyle, we loved capturing your beautiful wedding day!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0040 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0002 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0003 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0004 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0005 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0006 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0007 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0008 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0009 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0010 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0011 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0012 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0013 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0014 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0015 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0016 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0017 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0018 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0019 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0020 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0021 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0022 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0023 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0024 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0025 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0026 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0027 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0028 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0029 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0030 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0031 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0032 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0033 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0034 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0035 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0036 Christmas_Farm_Inn_Wedding_0037

Main Photographer:  Anne Skidmore

Ceremony:  Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Reception Location: Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Catering: Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Flowers:  DIY by the Bride

Music:  DJ Ryan Parker

Hair:   Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Wedding Cake:  McKaella’s Sweetshop, North Conway, NH

Wedding Dress:  BHLDN

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Popham Beach Engagement: Pat & Becca

By Jordan Luciano | August 17, 2016

Pat and Becca will be hosting their wedding next June at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine.  We are so excited to be there to capture their beautiful wedding and we are also so excited for their engagement photos.  Pat and Becca chose Popham Beach State Park to take their engagement photos as it’s a place they frequent often.  It was such a pleasure to visit the Maine coastline and utilize the historic fort, as well as the water, for many of their photos.  We started the session in Fort Popham meandering around the stairwells and all the different archways.  Making our way down to the water, we stopped for some pictures along the driftwood before venturing into the ocean.  Pat and Becca were so dynamic to photograph, as they sang songs to each other (mostly Becca did the singing) and continuously would burst out laughing.  They will have such a fun life together, that’s for sure!  I’m so glad we were gifted with a beautiful sunset over the Kennebec River to end the evening.  Thank you two for being so awesome!  We can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography


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