Christmas Farm Inn Wedding: Elissa & Ben

This is a love story of two wonderful people. Elissa is little, Ben is tall, and their love is HUGE! First, we met in Boston, a city they love, for their engagement session about a year prior. However, they are both from the neighboring state of Maine and have a connection to the outdoors, and wanted to wed in the Mountains of New Hampshire. Thus, they chose the quaint and charming Christmas Farm Inn for their special day. It was a perfect blue bird fall day for these two, with 70 of their nearest and dearest with them. As you will soon see Elissa is absolutely stunning with a glowing smile and Ben is fun and handsome guy with the kindest eyes and smile. They both got ready at the Christmas Farm Inn with their bridal parties and chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony. Their friend Eric led a beautiful ceremony and close friends gave lovely speeches. Their was laughter, sweet tears of joy, and a passionate kiss at the end! After the ceremony it was time for portraits with these two! We bopped all around Jackson, New Hampshire. Including the classic Jackson covered bridge, the Jackson Falls, and then we also found some cows. Yes, cows! Actually, it was Elissa’s idea! We drove next to them and she said “can we get some photos with the cows?!” And it was music to my ears! And the last spot was a beautiful field where the newlyweds took a stroll together. We returned back to the reception where family and friends were having a grand time. Dancing, toasts, donuts, cake, and lots of energetic kids dancing on the dance floor filled the night! Thank you Elissa & Ben! What an absolutely amazing day, and it was an honor to capture it!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore

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Main Photographer:  Anne Skidmore

Second Photographer:  Lea Morgan

Ceremony:  Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Reception Location: Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Catering: Christmas Farm Inn, Jackson, NH

Florist:  Whole Foods, Newtonville, MA

Music: DJ Nate Downs

Hair:  The Cut Off Salon, North Conway, NH

Wedding Cake:  Sugarmaker Bakery