Alerin Barn Summer Wedding: Marianna & Seth

Anne and I are so excited to catch up with all our blogging from the the end of our 2016 wedding season.  There are so many beautiful weddings hitting our blog in the coming months and it’s nice to revisit these weddings as the images are a fresh reminder of why we love our clients so much.  Each wedding is unique and every one of our couples have their own style and character, allowing our blog posts to be constantly changing and fresh.  It’s fun to look back on when I first met Marianna and Seth, the lovely couple whose images follow this.  We met for coffee early in the summer of 2016 on a warm sunny day at our local shop, Frontside Grind.  I always walk away from these meetings even more excited to photograph a couple’s special day as they tell me stories about their family members, the details involved, and I can usually tell right then if I’m going to catch a lot of portraits of them laughing (my favorite).  Seth is a goof and Marianna has the best laugh- a wonderful match.  Alerin Barn continues to be one of my favorite venues.  The moment I walk on the property each time I’m there, I get such a relaxed vibe and it really helps start off my day on a positive note.  The owners of the Alerin barn alway play music from the one radio station that comes in clear from Burlington, Vermont, 104.7- The Point.  It’s the best!  Marianna and Seth’s wedding day was perfectly sunny with bright blue skies.  The farm and fields surrounding the Alerin Barn were alive with farm animals grazing, bees doing their thing, and the local vegetable garden straining to catch the mid-morning sunlight.  I always arrive a bit early to each wedding to be able to photograph the quiet moments before the day really begins.  I found Marianna upstairs in the main inn getting ready while Seth and the guys were goofing off in the bunk house across the driveway.  Marianna and Seth opted for a first look (which I think is a great idea!) and we were able to take lots of portraits both in the sunlight and shade.  The bridal party and family met us before the ceremony so we could capture those portraits and allow Marianna and Seth to attend their entire cocktail hour.  The ceremony is one of the most special parts of the Alerin Barn, sitting up on a hill overlooking the local Vermont mountains and hills.  Guests are carted up in a antique tractor with a wagon attached- this really sets off the vibe for many of the guests to relax and laugh and enjoy the outdoors.  After the ceremony, guests walk down the grass pathway to the cocktail hour near Horned Pout Pond under the pavilion.  After an hour of mingling, drinking cocktails and roaming the property, guests were invited into the Alerin Barn by Marianna and Seth themselves, an Alerin Barn tradition.  Champagne was passed around and Marianna and Seth made quite the entrance down the barn stairs into their first dance.  Hilarious toasts were given and people sure did laugh.  Outside the sun was setting so we hurried out near the fields for a few evening portraits and then Marianna and Seth lit off a wish lantern into the night sky.  Desserts were served out under the pavilion, a bon fire stayed lit all evening and many of the guests danced their hearts out inside the barn.  We can’t express how much we love this venue but if it weren’t for our awesome couples, it wouldn’t matter.  Thank you Marianna and Seth for being such a joy to work with and we hope you enjoy looking through the images from your wedding day once again.  Much love!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Corey Fitzgerald