Eagle Mountain House Wedding: Nic and Laura

On July 11th, 2015, Nic and Laura wed on the most beautiful and sunny day at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, New Hampshire.  Looking back on all that happened that day, a few things still stand out and I can remember it like it was just yesterday.  These two are athletes by heart, living in New York City, and as far as I can see, do everything to its fullest.  When I asked what they were going to do for the rest of the day after a mandatory noon catholic ceremony (only time the church could host them), they saw no problem with having the rest of the day to celebrate back at the Eagle Mountain House.  An early dinner meant early dancing and dancing they did!  As soon as that dance floor opened, it stayed crowded all night.  Before dinner, before speeches, after dinner, after cake- people were celebrating Nic and Laura’s day to its fullest, just the way Nic and Laura would do for anybody else.  Nic started the day off with an early morning run around the hills of Jackson, NH with some of his guests and groomsmen.  As they concluded their run, I was off to meet Laura and her girls back in North Conway at the Cut-Off Salon.  Laura’s beautiful hair was all swept back in a bun and her best friend helped her with her make-up- just as she did back in their college days.  It was fun watching everyone get ready in the salon with an infinite number of mirrors to choose from! A noon catholic ceremony meant we only had a few minutes for some quick portraits of Laura alone before it was time to walk over to the church.  Luckily enough, it was right next door!  A beautifully lit ceremony with some intimate moments left Laura and Nic smiling constantly at one another.  Back at the Eagle Mountain House, we took portraits in the shaded lawn and also walked down to the wooden bridge on the golf course.  We revisited that same spot at sunset at the end of the night.  How different it looks during the course of the day! A first dance I will never forget opened the dance floor and guests were dancing before salad was even consumed!  Since the new reception tent at the Eagle Mountain House is right on the golf course, guests meandered around the grounds and enjoyed the beautiful view over the course of the night.  During the last hour of daylight, Nic and Laura slipped away for a few more portraits down the road- danced a little more- and then we concluded the night with some sunset portraits back at the wooden bridge.  I love these two people!  They are so fun to be around- everyone’s energy was so elevated because of that.  Congratulations Nic and Laura!  Come back and visit the White Mountains really soon! Scott and I absolutely LOVED photographing your wedding day.  We both walked away saying, “Well, that is definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding!”

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Second Photographers:  Scott Barber

Ceremony:  Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, North Conway, NH

Reception Location:  Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Catering: Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Wedding Cake: White Mountain Cupcakery, NH

Florist:  Dutch Bloemen Winkel, Jackson, NH

Hair: Cut-Off Salon, North Conway, NH

Makeup: Samantha Colgan, Bridesmaid

DJ: NuImage Entertainment

Wedding Dress: Watters Gobi

Wedding Rings: David S. Diamonds NYC

Wedding Coordinator: Sandy Louis, Wedding Daze

Justice of the Peace: John McHugh

Invitations: DH Fitzgerald