David & Ceridwen: Charles River Rehearsal Dinner, Boston

September 6th, 2013 was a perfect evening to have a rehearsal dinner on the Charles River in Boston.  Dave and Ceridwen welcomed friends and family from all over the world on that Friday evening at the Community Boating Inc.  The hustle and bustle of the sailors surrounded them on this beautiful night.  A delicious clam and lobster bake was catered by Ipswich Clambake, and it was a huge hit.  There was even some classic New England “chowdah”.  We walked along the docks for a few portraits as the sun set behind the Longfellow Bridge, and, at dusk, with the city lights in the background.  Take a peek below at their festive rehearsal dinner.  It was the perfect way to start their wedding weekend!  Up next, is their stunning wedding at the Commander’s Mansion; stay tuned!

Rehearsal_0001Rehearsal_0002Rehearsal_0003Rehearsal_0004Rehearsal_0005Rehearsal_0006Rehearsal_0007Rehearsal_0008Rehearsal_0009Rehearsal_0010Rehearsal_0011Rehearsal_0012Rehearsal_0014Rehearsal_0015Rehearsal_0017Rehearsal_0018Rehearsal_0019Rehearsal_0020Rehearsal Dinner Venue:  Community Boating Inc

Clam/Lobster Bake:  Ipswich Clambake

Event Coordinator:  LowBrow Events