Maine Barn Wedding: Talicia & Margie

Let’s start from the top!  We were so fortunate to meet Margie & Talicia through Margie’s sister Gina, who runs an amazing farm (Hancock Family Farm) where we receive our CSA veggies from every summer and early fall.  When Gina explained to us that her sisters wedding was on her parents beautiful farm in Maine, it sounded picture perfect.  We met Talicia & Margie at the Honeyhill Farm, and the was just as beautiful and homey as we envisioned.  These two fabulous ladies wed on a beautiful summers day in July, where everyone chipped in to help make their day so magical.  Margie’s father was putting up garland and running around setting up decorations, Gina did all the flowers with flowers from her farm, Margie’s close girlfriends were helping her get ready and stay calm, while Talicia’s mother and brother were helping her get ready in the barn.  These two brides were just glowing through and through, and their beautiful smiles were contagious!  Before their ceremony they hosted a cocktail hour for their guests to enjoy and get acquainted with the property.  When it was time for the ceremony, Margie’s twin nieces who were the flower girls threw their flowers down the aisles, and then both Talicia & Margie’s mothers walked them both down the aisle.  Their ceremony was personal and sweet, with one of the family pups coming up to the alter for a visit and giving everyone a good laugh.  Soon the girls sealed their marriage with a kiss and it was time to celebrate.  Cocktails on the lawn followed the ceremony while we did portraits.  An amazing Maine lobster meal catered by The Bread & Butter Catering Co. was thoroughly enjoyed by all!  After dinner the the evening was filled with catching up with friends, evening sunset portraits, toasts, and dancing with music by DJ DeVanity.   Wow!  What a day it was and we were so very honored to capture the marriage of two amazing women!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore & Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography 

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 Photographers:  Anne Skidmore & Jordan Luciano
Venue: The Honeyhill Family Farm, New Gloucester, Maine
Flowers:  Hancock Family Farm, Casco, Maine
Hair & Makeup:  Akari, Portland, Maine
Catering:  The Bread & Butter Catering Co., Portland, Me
Dress:  BHLDN
Music:  DJ DeVanity