Eagle Mountain House Summer Wedding: Amy & Nichole

Amy and Nichole were married on the second of July, just as they would have hoped.  They celebrated their love in a unique way, always on the second of each month.  Their first date was on July 2nd, five years ago.  They were engaged on December 2nd and often, Nichole would continue to surprise Amy with something most months, always on the second.   Luckily, July 2nd, 2016 fell on a Saturday- a chilly one for the usually holiday weekend.  A cold front moved through, bringing such a refreshing breeze and some really dramatic cloud cover off in the distance.  Nichole loves to read and it was their fitting idea to have their first look in the Jackson Public Library.  After the girls both got ready on opposite floors of the Eagle Mountain House, Nichole awaited Amy’s arrival with her four bridesmaids.  Nichole’s bridesmaids wore a darker shade of blue while Amy’s wore a bright bold blue color.  Each of the girls got to pick out their own favorite Tom’s shoe to wear, a gift from Amy and Nichole.  Amy arrived at the library and all the girls started bawling.  The emotions in the library were so high and it was so neat to have all the bridesmaids witness their first look.  Amy and Nichole each grabbed a book, stepped out into the aisle and faced each other, with the books still covering their faces.  On their count of three, they lowered the books.  Tears! Everyone was crying!  We spent the next hour visiting different locations around downtown Jackson taking portraits and having an absolute blast.  These girls are all so special.  Guests started arriving back up at the Eagle Mountain House- the ceremony was about to begin!  Amy and Nichole were each walked down the aisle by their parents.  A unique ceremony, centered around the love of each other as well as their community, was followed by their fist kiss as brides!  A skip down the aisle and these two snuck out to the bridge just below the ceremony site for a quite moment alone.  Cocktail hour back up on the veranda welcomed the guests and we were able to spend much of the time taking details of the tent and fun portraits of the guests enjoying themselves.  Speeches, followed by a wonderful dinner in the tent, was a prelude to all the dancing that was about to come.  Luckily, I was able to sneak Amy and Nichole away for a few more portraits down the road.  I’m so glad we did!  They were even more adorable than before and we were able to utilize the beautiful evening light.  I stayed for some fun, classic dance moves- Britney Spears definitely brought some people to the middle of the dance floor.  Thank you two for asking us to document your special day.  Amy and Nichole- you two are so special to us and we are so glad we were there to witness it all.  All the best in the world!!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__001Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__002 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__003 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__004 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__005Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__006 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__007 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__008 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__009 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__010 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__011 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__012 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__013 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__014 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__015 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__016 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__017 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__018 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__019 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__020 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__021 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__022 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__023 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__024Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__025 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__026 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__027 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__028 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__029 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__031 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__030 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__032 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__033 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__034 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__035 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__036Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__037 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__038 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__039 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__040 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__041 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__042 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__043 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__044 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__045 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__046 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__047 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__048Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__049 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__050 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__051 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__052 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__053 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__054 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__055 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__056 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__057 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__058 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__059 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__060Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__061 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__062 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__063 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__064 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__065 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__066 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__067 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__068 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__069 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__070 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__071 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__072Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__073 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__074 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__075 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__076 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__077 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__078 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__079 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__080 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__081 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__082 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__083 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__084Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__085 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__086 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__087 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__088 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__089 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__090 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__091 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__092 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__093 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__094 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__095 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__096Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__097 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__098 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__099 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__100 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__101 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__102 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__103 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__104 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__105 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__106 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__107 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__108Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__109 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__110 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__111 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__112 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__113 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__114 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__115 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__116 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__117 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__118 Eagle_Mountain_House_Wedding__119

Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer:  Mae Hogan

Ceremony:  3rd Tee, Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Reception Location:   Tent, Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Catering: Eagle Mountain House, Jackson, NH

Florist:  Dutch Bloemen Winkel, Jackson, NH

Hair & Makeup: Debony Salon, Jackson, NH & Sarah Ghelfi

Wedding Cake:  White Mountain Cider Co., Bartlett, NH

Wedding Dress: Inspirations Bridal, North Conway, NH

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo and Allure Bridal

Wedding Shoes: Toms

Wedding Coordinator: Kathleen DeVitto and Courtney of Eagle Mountain House