Sweet Elegance, Megan & Ryan Married!

Megan and Ryan had such a beautiful day on July 16th, 2011 at the Wentworth in Jackson, New Hampshire.  Megan had all her bridesmaids helping her get ready prior to their ceremony at the quaint Jackson Community Church.  Reverend Lee gave a passionate ceremony, but also made sure to include some lighthearted words to make everyone smile and laugh.  Following the ceremony were the formals, which were a blast as the guys almost threw Ryan into the river.  For Megan & Ryan’s portraits we went to all the places in Jackson that they loved and connected with, and we returned just in time for the reception festivities.  To top things off we snapped a couple more portraits at sunset and at night right before I left.  What an awesome day it was!  Thank you so much Meg & Ryan and congrats!