Alerin Barn Wedding: Jay & Pauline

“Love is friendship set on fire.” -James Taylor
And their love was one fire! Jay and Pauline, your wedding blog was so fun to edit because you two are so cute and your wedding day was just so beautiful! Jay and Pauline wed on August 23rd at the amazing Alerin Barn in Vermont. The Alerin barn is surrounded by the mountains, fields, flowers, wooden fences, goats, and they have an classic New England inn and barn to host the wedding day celebrations. It’s one of the most unique and stunning venues, and to top it off the owners are just the sweetest! Jay and Pauline got ready at different areas at the inn, and they both gave each other special presents during this time. Pauline gave Jay a handsome Rolex, and Pauline received a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that she wore the day of! These two lovebirds had an adorable first look moment in front of the “Sheep Camp”, and we then wandered all over the property for portraits and ended things with the goats. Yes, the goats were a “must” on their list!  It was then time for the ceremony as guests were starting to arrive and a vintage tractor and wagon brought them up to the ceremony site on the hill. They had a beautiful ceremony with a sweet “P♥J” on the birch tree behind them as they committed their vows. There were so many fun touches to the day, and you’ll have to see for yourself below in the imagery. The evening was action packed with friends, family, champagne, oysters, toasts, yummy dinner, dancing, dusk photos and more! Congratulations Pauline and Jay, we had so much fun documenting your wedding day and LOVED working with you two!

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Main Photographer:  Anne Skidmore

Second Shooter:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Alerin Barn

Reception Location:  Alerin Barn

Catering:  Barefoot Gourmet

Florist: All About Flowers

DJ:  Peak Entertainment

Wedding Tarts:  Barefoot Gourmet

Hair & Makeup:  Shear Sensations Hair Salon & Day Spa

Wedding Dress:  Theia

Maple Syrup:  Maple grove Farms of Vermont