Stone Mountain Arts Center: Robbie & Kirstie

It was a beautiful spring day, with a slight overcast for Kirstie and Robbie’s wedding at the Stone Mountain Arts Center on May 18th, 2014. Friends and family came from all over, even Canada where the couple resides to celebrate their special day. Robbie and his groomsmen put their suits on in the Quinsana barn, while the ladies helped Kirstie into her wedding dress down in the “green room”. Before the ceremony we had time to take portaits of Robbie with his groomsmen and then a few with Kirstie and her bridesmaids. Before we new it, the bagpiper was playing and it was time for everyone to get ready for the ceremony. Robbie’s brother officiated a lovely ceremony, and after they sealed it with a kiss we were off to take portraits just up the hill with the breathtaking White Mountains in the background! And was it scenic! We had mountains, dirt roads, blooming apple trees, and even a horse! And to our luck, Kirstie grew up with horses and she was so good talking to her, calming her down, and we got a few amazing portraits with the black beauty! As much as we loved this portrait session, it was time to celebrate! There was dancing, an amazing dinner, toasts, a cup song by cousins, desserts, galore and then more dancing back in the Quinsana Barn. Before we took off we took a few more portraits, and Kirstie had slipped into a fun short reception dress!  So cute!  Thank you Robbie and Kirstie, it was so much fun capturing your wedding day at the Stone Mountain Arts Center!

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Second Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Stone Mountain Arts Center

Reception Location: Stone Mountain Arts Centere

Wedding Coordinator:  Hannah Babineau

Florist:  Moonset Farms

Catering: Stone Mountain Arts Center

Wedding Desserts:  Vintage Baking Company

Hair & Makeup:  Bungalow Styles