Stone Mountain Arts Center Wedding: Adam & Kristen

Adam & Kristen are such a special couple and they decided to host their wedding day at one of our favorite venues, The Stone Mountain Arts Center! Back in 2013 we had a super fun engagement session!  We laughed, walked, talked, and got to know each other.  And then the talented Miss Kristen made me two pairs of turquoise (my fav!) earrings! I mean how sweet is that, and I was so excited for their wedding day! It was a beautiful summers day, and there were so many fun touches! They had lemonade from a favorite local store known as Zeb’s General Store, adorable “woodland” figurines around that a friend had spray painted (so cool!), all the guys and even the dad’s were wearing Chuck Taylors, and Kristen had adorable Badgley Mischka shoes! Kristen got ready downstairs in the “green room” at the Stone Mountain Arts Center while Adam was over at the Stonehurst Manor with his guys. I was able to do some portraits of Kristen and her girls before the ceremony, and Jordan got some great images of the guys getting ready and a couple of group shots as well! Before we knew it, it was time for them to get married! The main barn filled up with friends and family, and a friend of their officiated the ceremony. They had a lovely ceremony, and sealed it with a beautiful kiss! Next it was time for portraits! Family, bridal party and then my favorite, portraits with the newly married couple! This group was so fun, they were down for walking on the country road, going into country fields, and with just Adam and Kristen, we bopped down the road to a beautiful barn for a few additional photos. After we were done with portraits it was then time for them to be announced, have their first dance, eat dinner, hug friends and family, parent dances, eat pie and cookies, and do some crazy dancing with everyone! Such a blast, and their officiant ended up having the best Michael Jackson moves we have ever seen! Right at dusk we whisked Adam and Kristen away to a field down the road for a few more portraits. Bella! What an amazing day with such an amazing couple! Congrats you two, we LOVED capturing your wedding day!
Photography by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Second Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Stone Mountain Arts Center

Reception Location: Stone Mountain Arts Centere

Wedding Coordinator:  Hannah Babineau

Florist:  Moonset Farms

Catering: Stone Mountain Arts Center

Wedding Pies:  Vintage Baking Company

Wedding Cookies:  Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Hair:  Koleen Sampson

Lemonade:  Zeb’s General Store