Whitney’s Inn Summer Wedding: Kevin & Gretchen

June 21st, 2014 was a beautiful summer day.  Kevin and Gretchen knew the best way to start their wedding day at the Whitney’s Inn was with a 5K race in Jackson, NH!  I mean, how cool is that!  Both Kevin and Gretchen ran the wedding loop along with many friends and family!  By midday they were all cleaned up and ready to officially start getting ready for their big day!  Gretchen got ready at one of the sweet little cabins while Kevin and his groomsmen were in the main inn at the Whitney’s Inn.  These two love birds opted for a sweet first look moment just upstream from the Jackson Falls.  It was so intimate, quiet and lovely- a really special way to see each other for the very first time.  After we bopped all over Jackson for portraits, and took a few back at the Whitney’s Inn with their beautiful hillside in full bloom!  These two had so much fun making each other laugh and making us laugh!  Before we knew it it was time for the ceremony.  Friends and family gathered at the beautiful outdoor ceremony site right below Black Cap Mountain.  The flower girls put on a show as Kevin and many others were trying to help and encourage them to make it all the way down the aisle- and they did!  Gretchen’s father walked her down the aisle, and handed her off to Kevin with a kiss.  There were lovely speeches and their dear friend officiated the wedding ceremony.  They sealed it with a kiss and then it was time for a few more portraits with family, the bridal party and a couple more with the newlyweds!  Dancing, toasts, and a few more gorgeous sunset shots filled the evening perfectly to make an incredible celebration.  Thank you Gretchen and Kevin- Jordan and I had a blast capturing your beautiful day!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography.

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Main Shooter:  Anne Skidmore

Second Shooter:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Whitney’s Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Reception Location:  Whitney’s Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Wedding Coordinator:  Whitney’s Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Catering:  Whitney’s Inn, Jackson, New Hampshire

Florist:  Dutch Bloemen Winkel, Jackson, New Hampshire

Hair & Makeup:  Debony Salon, Jackson, New Hampshire

Wedding Cake:  Vintage Baking Co, Glen, New Hampshire

Music:  Peak Entertainment

Hair:  Andrea Mogavero DeCoteau

Makeup:  Advanced Skin Care

Wedding Cake:  Sugarmaker Bakery