Comman Man Inn Wedding: Dan & Kelly

August is one of my favorite months to capture weddings here in New England.  The weather is usually a tad cooler than July but it still feels like summer, and this is exactly what happened to Kelly & Dan on their wedding day! These two lovebirds wed on August 9th, 2014. Their day started out by them getting ready at the Common Man Inn in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Kelly and her girls were in one suite, while Dan and the guys were in another room just around the corner.  We had to be very careful that these two didn’t see each other prior to the ceremony!  Jordan got some great portraits of Dan and the guys, and they quickly whisked off to The Italian Farmhouse down the road for the ceremony. Once the guys left, we found a lovely spot to do some portraits of Kelly with her bridesmaids. Everything was so beautiful- from Kelly herself, her bridesmaids dresses, their bouquets, and more! Kelly and her ladies headed down to the ceremony once we finished their portraits where friends and family congregated in the greenhouse. Their ceremony was short and sweet and, in about 5 minutes, they were married! Portraits followed on the lovely grounds at the Italian Farmhouse and on our way back to the Common Man Inn, we found some beautiful wildflower fields to photograph at as well! Everyone was inside the inn and were ready for Dan & Kelly to be announced, have their first dance, listen to toasts, and then have lots of dancing hosted by the same DJ that hosted Kelly’s parents wedding! Amazing! Right at dusk, after the sun set, we snuck out for a few final portraits. You would never know that the mosquitoes were trying to eat Dan and Kelly alive, but we got some incredible shots nonetheless!  We even had the moon in the background for a few of them!  The rest of the night was filled with action packed dancing. Thank you Dan & Kelly, Jordan & I had a blast capturing your beautiful wedding day!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Second Shooter:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  The Italian Farmhouse

Reception Location: Common Man Inn & Spa, Plymouth, New Hampshire

Catering: Common Man Inn & Spa, Plymouth, New Hampshire

Florist:  The Blossom Shop

Hair & Makeup:  Common Man Inn & Spa, Plymouth, New Hampshire

Wedding Cake:  Jacques Pastries

Guest Table Favors:  Homemade Blueberry Crumble