Winter Wentworth Inn Wedding: Jillian & Nick

We’re taking this next week to catch up on some of our winter weddings on our blog, and today we are so excited to highlight Nick & Jillian’s beautiful wedding at The Wentworth Inn, in Jackson, NH.  Usually, we have snow up here in the winter, right?  However, on Nick and Jillian’s wedding day not only was their no snow, but it was almost 50 degrees!  In all honesty it was a blessing as it allowed us to do so many beautiful portraits outside, and not a single person froze their tail feathers off!  So as you will see, there are so many stunning portraits outside, and you will also see a lot of “Coppola” wine labels used throughout the day.  This is because Nick’s last name is Coppola, and it was such a fun, personal and elegant detail to add to their wedding day (Jillian did all of that herself!)!  In addition we were swooning over the bridesmaids lush red high neck bow dresses, Jillians stunning low back wedding dress, and the seasonably perfect bouquets created by our local favorite, Dutch Bloemen Winkel.  Oh, and lets not forget the dreamy red rose petals walkway to the Jackson Community Church and the plaid table runners on their dinner tables accented with some simple evergreen on each napkin.  It was really such a beautiful day with such a lovely couple!  Thank you Nick and Jillian, we absolutely LOVED capturing your beautiful wedding day!  Take a peek, you will see!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Main Photographer: Anne Skidmore
Second Shooter: Jordan Luciano
Wedding Coordinator: Kim Labnon of The Wentworth Inn
Ceremony: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn
Reception Location: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn
Catering: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn
Florist: Dutch Bloemen Winkel
DJ: Aaron Topfer
Hair & Makeup: Debony Salon
Cake:  Topsfield Bake Shop