Stone Mountain Arts Center Wedding: Matthew & Susan

July 18th, 2015 started out a little rainy at the Snowvillage Inn and Stone Mountain Arts Center for Matt and Susan’s wedding. However, it was a very light, or even dry rain that eventually stopped just in time for their whole wedding day to be absolutely beautiful! Matt and Susan got ready at the Snowvillage Inn and they had a very sweet first look moment there. They wanted to do all their portraits before their ceremony for a very important reason. They were having a pre ceremony cocktail hour with all their guests before their ceremony. What a brilliant idea! So not only did the get to spend time with their guests before their ceremony, but since all their portraits were done before hand, they also were able to enjoy their cocktail hour after their ceremony as well! And they did just that! Their ceremony was very sweet and was followed by a second very joyful cocktail hour with friends and family. In addition, Matt and Susan are HUGE music lovers, hence why they fell in love with the Stone Mountain Arts Center and decided to get married there.  All their dinner tables were named after their favorite music venues and then they wrote down what shows they had seen at the concert on additional bottles. So fun and different! This wedding was so full of fun energy, and these two were just SO in love! We squeezed in some sunset portraits and there was even a killer disco ball helmet that made its way to the dance floor! I mean, who wouldn’t want a disco ball helmet at their wedding?! We were honored to capture it and wish you all the best Matthew & Susan! We can only hope we’ll bump into you at a show at SMAC sometime!

Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0001 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0002 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0003 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0004 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0005 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0006 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0007 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0008 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0009 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0010 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0011 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0012 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0013 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0014 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0015 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0016 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0017 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0018 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0019 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0020 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0021 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0022 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0023 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0024 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0025 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0026 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0027 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0028 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0029 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0030 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0031 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0032 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0033 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0034 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0035 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0036 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0037SMAC_WEDDING_0154 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0038 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0039 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0040 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0041 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0042 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0043 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0044 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0045 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0046 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0047 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0048 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0049 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0050 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0051 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0052 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0053 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0054 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0055 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0056 Stone_Mountain_Arts_Center_Wedding_0057Main Photographer: Anne Skidmore
Second Photographer: Lea Morgan
Getting Ready: Snowvillage Inn
Ceremony: Stone Mountain Arts Center
Reception Location: Stone Mountain Arts Centere
Wedding Coordinator: Hannah Babineau
Florist: Moonset Farms
Cocktail Hour Music: Good Time String Band
DJ: DJ Matt Spofford
Catering: Stone Mountain Arts Center
Wedding Pies: Old Village Bakery
Wedding Dress:  J.Crew