Whitney’s Inn Fall Wedding: Nick & Allie

If you love beautiful fall weddings with impeccable color, this wedding is for you!  Allie and Nick wed this past October at the Whitney’s Inn, in Jakson, New Hampshire.  The Whitney’s Inn is one of our favorite places to shoot, as it is surrounded by the White Mountains and has one of the most stunning barns.  All the tree colors were exploding and the sun warmed their October day perfectly!  To top it off, we were also lucky enough to have the talented Dominic Casserly from Little Outdoor Giants second shooting with us on this fine fall day.  Allie and Nick got ready separately and had their sweet first look moment in front of the old Shovel Handle Ski Lift Shack.  Allie looked stunning in her flow lace gown with her sweet gold leaf headpiece while Nick was looking sharp in his dark brown suit with orange accents.  We wandered all over Jackson to make sure we captured the essence of their fall mountain wedding day.  And did we find color, it was bursting everywhere!  We met their bridal party at the Jackson Covered Bridge for a few photos as well, and then it was time for this couple to officially get married.  Their wedding ceremony was held on the grounds next to the Whitney’s Inn, and after their “I Do’s” their cocktail hour was hosted on the lawn right in front of the inn.  It truly was the perfect October day!  The rest of the evening was hosted inside the quintessential barn and was filled with toasts, special dances, laughter, and great music by DJ Jeff Erwin of ReThink The DJ.  And we even snuck for a few stunning sunset portraits too!  What a day!  Thank you Nick & Allie, it was such an incredibly beautiful day, and an honor to capture it.
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Main Shooter:  Anne Skidmore
Second Shooter: Dominic Casserly
Florist: Flower Kiosk
DJ: ReThink The DJ -Jeff Erwin
Ceremony Location: Whitney’s Inn
Reception Location: Whitney’s Inn
Wedding Coordinator: Don Bilger of Whitney’s Inn
Catering: Whitney’s Inn
Hair & Makeup (name/phone/website): Debony Salon
Wedding Cake (name/phone/website): The Sugar Maker Bakery – Beth Carta Dolon
Wedding Dress: Pure Bliss- Newburyport, Mass