Wentworth Inn Wedding: Tommy & Maura

Maura & Tommy’s wedding day at the Wentworth Inn was exploding with smiles and color, which complimented this wonderful couple perfectly. These two were so excited for their big day, and they had all their priorities in order- don’t sweat the small stuff, be in the moment, honor your parents, and have the time of your life all day! Tommy is one of a kind, where the jokes never stopped, except for a few intimate moments with Maura. But all around those intimate moments Tommy had his wife smiling and of course, this had us laughing as well. Everyone got ready at the Wentworth Inn, in Jackson, New Hampshire. Tommy and his guys enjoyed some nice Whiskey together while Maura opened a few special gifts from Tommy, and what bride doesn’t like opening a few turquoise Tiffany’s & Co. boxes on their wedding day?!  But the bride and groom have a special connection to the Eaton area, and thus, they chose to wed in the adorable Little White Church in Eaton, New Hampshire. It was a lovely ceremony officiated by Christie Girouard and the church was packed with their closest friends and family. After the newlyweds sealed it with a kiss, all their guests hopped onto school buses, and headed back to the Wentworth Inn. Since Eaton is such a special spot to Maura and Tommy we did some portraits there at Crystal Lake and at The Little White Church the had just wed in. Then we headed back to Jackson to continue doing portraits at so many fun location! And to top it off, Maura arranged for us to do some portraits at the Jackson Fire Station with one of the fire trucks! Why? Because Tommy is a fire fighter, and it was a perfect match to do so. We also went to the covered bridge, the Jackson Falls, and also the beautiful grounds right there at the Wentworth Inn. After the portraits it was time to celebrate! What a grand night it was with fun introductions, toasts, lots of group photos, and dancing! Congrats Maura & Tommy, we LOVED working with you two and capturing your special day! A big special thanks to the talented Spring Smith for second shooting with us that day, what a treat it was to have her and her talent there!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Main Photographer: Anne Skidmore

Second Shooter: Spring Smith

Wedding Coordinator: Kim Labnon of The Wentworth Inn

Ceremony: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Reception Location: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Catering: The Wentworth, An Elegant Country Inn

Florist: Dutch Bloemen Winkel

DJ: High Angle Entertainment

Hair & Makeup: Debony Salon