Moody Mountain Farm Wedding: Nick & Katrina

The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm is definitely a highlight of our summer when we get to photograph at this lovely venue.  We love it here!  Tucked into the fields of historic Wolfeboro, we can feel the history that lives with this place and it mixes a rustic barn (classic New Hampshire) wedding atmosphere with so much elegance.  We know Nick and Katrina because, not only are they locals to the Mount Washington Valley, but they are wonderful friends of ours and bring so much character and enthusiasm to our climbing community.  I’ve been chatting with Katrina all summer long at our evening cookouts getting the latest news on the details surrounding the wedding day.  I’ve been excited about this day since they booked last year!  Nick, being the goofy character of the two, brought so much fun and laughter to the day while Katrina was absolutely stunning and helped quite Nick up a bit with her looks.  The humor these two share is on another level.  They are one of those couples that are PERFECT for each other.  We lucked out with the rain holding off until the later evening hours and the misty foggy weather created a very cozy atmosphere.  The ceremony was moved into the barn and their friends and families casually lined the perimeter and cheered as they became husband and wife.  While guests enjoyed the cocktail hour on the back side of the barn, we were able to capture a ton of fun portraits of not only Nick and Katrina, but the bridal party and family as well.  Tuckerman Brewery filled many empty mason cups to the brim as well as some signature drinks.  The toasts were underway and dinner soon followed that in the barn.  Guests were free to roam the barn and the property and watch as the traditional watermelon was passed around outside to be perfectly carved into Nick’s crowning of the groom.  As the rain started to fall in the last evening minutes, Nick, Katrina, Austin (my awesome second photographer) and I all ran out into the rain to capture a few final portraits of the couple standing in the giant entrance to the barn.  We try our best to compensate for some fun portraits even if the sunset decides not to show that day.  There was so much dancing and it was so much fun to capture the party!  There is a tradition in Katrina’s family that at every wedding, they crown the groom with a custom watermelon helmet.  I’m so glad I was still around to document this craziness.  Katrina was even crowned with one too!  This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever photographed at a wedding thus far.  You two are so lucky to have such fun families!  Keep on being you and we can’t wait to see your marriage and family grow!  You two are the best! xo!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

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Second Photographer:  Austin Perry

Ceremony:  The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm, Wolfeboro, NH

Reception Location:   The Barn at Moody Mountain Farm, Wolfeboro, NH

Catering: Chef Joe’s Catering, Franconia, NH

Florist:  Linda’s Flowers, Wolfeboro, NH

Hair: Kayla Fair-Sullivan

Make-Up: Elizabeth Smith

Wedding Cake:  From Scratch Baking, Wolfeboro, NH

Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet for David’s Bridal

Wedding Rings: Valley Jewelers, Conway NH & The Kalled Gallery, Wolfeboro

Wedding Coordinator: Sheena Harte, Showcase Events

Justice of the Peace: Rick Wilcox