Claremont, New Hampshire Fall Wedding at North Star House: Becc & Chris

As soon as the first email correspondence began with Becc and Chris, I immediately became extremely excited about photographing their wedding.  I just had a really good feeling about these two!  They described that their wedding would be held at the North Star House in Claremont, New Hampshire.  Becc explained that the beautiful farmhouse is a private vacation rental on the Connecticut River and they were planning an outdoor tented reception with most of the wedding details being DIY.  What more do you need?  It’s perfect!  The energy from these two, as I first met them in person on their wedding day, was infectious.  Chris was so inviting as he continued to set up the last minute touches in the tent as Becc began to get ready in the North Star House.  After photographing the tented details, I made my way up to Becc and the girls inside the house upstairs while Brian photographed Chris and the guys downstairs.  Chris waited for Becc on the front porch of the house for their first look.  We had plenty of time for portraits all over the North Star House property and reunited with the bridal party after some time.  We drove to one of the historic covered bridges down the road to capture some more portraits before the ceremony was due to start at the Trinity Chapel.  Chris’s friend, Mike, officiated the ceremony, just as Chris did for Mike’s wedding just weeks prior.  Off to the tented reception we all went for a delicious feast by the Lazy Farmer food truck and fun toasts and laughter.  So many guests mingled all over the property and really spent some quality time with one another.  Brian and I had so much fun photographing everyone’s unique spirit and it was a blast for me to put this wedding story together for you two.  Enjoy!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography

Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__001 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__002 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__003 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__004 Becc_Chris_0062Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__005 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__006 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__007 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__008 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__009 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__010Becc_Chris_0061 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__011 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__012 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__013 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__014 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__015 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__016 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__017 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__018 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__019 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__020 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__021 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__022 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__023 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__024 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__025 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__026 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__027 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__028 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__029 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__030 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__031 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__032 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__033 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__034 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__035 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__036 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__037 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__038 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__039Becc_Chris_0060 Becc_Chris_0059Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__042Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__040Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__041 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__044 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__045 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__046 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__047 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__048 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__049 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__050 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__051 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__052 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__053 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__054 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__055 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__056 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__057 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__058 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__059 Claremont_NewHampshire_Wedding__060Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer: Brian Threlkeld

Ceremony: Trinity Church, Cornish, NH

Reception Location: North Star House, Claremont, NH

Catering: Lazy Farmer, VT

Florist: DIY

Hair & Makeup:  Bride and bridesmaids

Justice of the Peace: Mike Moore, Chris’s Friend

Wedding Dress: Nicole Miller, Dakota

Wedding Cake: Stone Arch Bakery