Chris & Ashley: Northern New Hampshire Love

Chris and Ashley wed at a place that is very near and dear to their hearts on October 1st, 2011.  This “place” was Chris’s family camp in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.  Friends and family flocked up to northern New Hampshire to celebrate their special day.  It was absolutely not supposed to rain on October 1st.  And instead, it poured!  But, as I tell all my couples it really is all about having a plan b, and just working with the day.   Beautiful and fun imagery will naturally follow and that is exactly what happened!  We had fun with umbrella’s and then zoomed down to the Sugar Hill Inn just down the road where they have a gorgeous wrap around porch that kept us dry.  Everyone helped to make Chris and Ashley’s day so special, and they had some really sweet details.  One of my favorites (and the funniest) being the dating application that Ashley’s dad had Chris fill out in high school when he first asked Ashley out, just to make him shake it his boots a little.  Then their dear friend Andrea made their wedding cake, and Dan Blakeslee played their first dance song.  At the end of the night the rain let up enough for us to sneak out to the birch arbor to do some night portraits.  They were hoping to have their ceremony at the arbor but the rain altered that, so it was nice we could catch a special shot with is before the evening wrapped up.  Thank you so much Chris and Ashley!  I loved capturing your special day!