Jeff & Kim: Quechee Club & Woodstock Inn Vermont Wedding

The 26th of October was a proper brisk fall day on Jeff & Kim’s wedding at the Quechee Club in Vermont.  However, the day started at the Woodstock Inn, just a few miles down the road, where Kim got ready for her big day.  This entire area of Vermont is just lovely.  It is filled with so much character, charm and history!  We took a few family photos at the Woodstock Inn and bopped around for a few special portraits of Kim in quaint Woodstock, Vermont.  Jeff was back at the Quechee Club getting suited up for his big day.  Soon Kim stepped into her limo and we were off to the Quechee Club for the ceremony.  The ceremony room was filled with one hundred and eighty friends and family.  They had a lovely ceremony with Kim’s nieces were her bridemaids, special family readings, and sealed it will a kiss!  Family portraits were taken out on the porch of the Club, and then Kim and Jeff were ready to brave the cool temperatures for their intimate portraits.  The Quechee Club is quite beautiful with the rolling Green Mountains in the background, and ponds and bridges and more surrounding you.  After their portraits they were ready to warm up and join all their guests inside the club house.  The evening was simply fantastic from there on out.  Beautiful toasts, first dances, a special song sung by Kim’s dear friend Pam, and non stop fun and music by the band New York Edge Music.  Thank you so much Kim & Jeff, it was such a beautiful way to say goodbye to October!

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Bridal Prep:  Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont

Ceremony:  Quechee Club, Quechee Club

Reception Location:  Quechee Club, Quechee Club

Wedding Coordinator:  Rachel Millay, Quechee Club, Quechee Club

Catering:  Quechee Club, Quechee Club

Florist:  Crystal and Bark Designs

Music:  New York Edge Music, Inc

Hair & Makeup:  The Spa At The Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont

Wedding Dress:  Nordstrom Bridal

Wedding Cake:  Trapdoor Bakehouse, Quechee, Vermont