John & Abbi: Windy Hill Farm Wedding, Jackson, New Hampshire

Oh me, oh my!  Yes, this one was g-g-gorgeous!  And again, this one was special for many, many reasons!  Abbi & John wed at the breathtaking and intimate Windy Hill Farm in Jackson, New Hampshire.  A small bed and breakfast, Windy Hill Farm serves also as private residence and a working farm with beautiful cows and stunning hay fields.  Not just anyone can have their wedding there- you have to specifically know the owners, and lucky for Abbi & John, their folks did!  The weather was incredible that day and the White Mountains surrounded them.  John’s best man was none other than Ted Ligety (Olympic Gold Medalist), who John has known since he was a lil’ tyke.  And yes, Abbi has a twin sister, Jenny!  To top it off Whitney Swaffield, of Gus & Ruby Letterpress, was a bridesmaid, and she designed the beautiful programs for the ceremony.  The ceremony was performed by Reverend Lee of Jackson, who noted how sacred marriage is, but also threw in a few funny comments to loosen up Abbi, John, and everyone who was there to support and celebrate their love.  Portraits were taken near the historic cow barn, in the fields, and we even took a little stroll down the driveway.  At dusk, the sky lit up with the colors of the sunset, and a little pop of a flash made for a beautiful final portrait.  Hilarious toasts were made, and the night was filled with dancing.  Congrats Abbi & John, your day was incredibly beautiful and so special.

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Ceremony: Windy Hill Farm, Jackson, New Hampshire
Reception Location: Windy Hill Farm, Jackson, New Hampshire
Programs:  Gus & Ruby Letterpress, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Catering: Marty & Pam Sweeney, Sweeney Sensations, Jackson, New Hampshire
Ceremony Music:  Mountain Aire Strings
Reception Music:  Dionne Entertainment (with Joe Dionne, excellent!)
Bouquets:  Ruthies Flower Shop, Conway, New Hampshire
Hair & Makeup:  Bride’s Sister
Wedding Cake:  McKaella’s Sweet Shop, North Conway, New Hampshire