Purity Springs Resort Wedding: Jennie & Seth

Jennie and Seth wed at Purity Spring Resort in Madison, New Hampshire. Set at the base of King Pine Mountain, the resort offers their guests swimming, canoeing, hiking, biking, and horseback riding (basically all outdoor activities in the mountains of New Hampshire). What a fun couple Jennie and Seth are! They opted for a first look moment at Sunset Beach on the dock overlooking King Pine ski slopes. Seth was his goofy self from the start. Jennie remained her happy self, laughing with him throughout the portraits. We were able to spend some quality time capturing just the two of them in the surrounding wooded area around King Pine. It’s a wonderful time to focus on just them before the ceremony and celebrations begin. Guests were shuttled to the top of King Pine Mountain for the ceremony overlooking the lake we were just at for portraits! We all experienced a rare pollen storm during the middle of the ceremony. It created an unusual setting and felt like we were all in a cloud! As expected, there were many laughs and creative vows exchanged in front of their closest of family and friends. Family portraits were taken at the ceremony site and bridal party portraits were taken back down by the lake. I’ve never seen so much laughter at the reception before. It was apparent how much fun this group has with one another. Seth even wrote a special song for Jennie (I don’t think she’s ever heard him sing in front of a crowd before), which was full of funny lines in a joking (but sweet) manner. Dinner concluded, board games broke out, and dancing began! Thanks again Jennie and Seth for such a fun wedding to capture! What a great couple you are! Congrats!

Photographed by Jordan Luciano of Anne Skidmore Photography


Main Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Second Photographer: Jim Surette

Ceremony:  Purity Springs Resort, Madison, New Hampshire

Reception Location:  Purity Springs Resort, Madison, New Hampshire

Catering: Purity Springs Resort, Madison, New Hampshire

Florist:  Dandelion Florist, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Music: The Music Man, DJ Shawn Cullen

Hair:  Pleasant Image Salon & Spa, North Conway, NH

Makeup:  Pleasant Image Salon & Spa, North Conway, NH

Cupcakes:  McKaella’s Sweet Shop, North Conway, NH

Wedding Dress: Catan Fashions