New Hampshire Enagement Photography: Mike & Asya

It’s pretty wild how our couples find us. Sometimes it’s through the internet searches or a website, sometimes it’s through vendors referring you, and then for some, it’s when a previous bride and groom passes your name along, and that is how Asya and Mike found me! I photographed their friends wedding in 2009, and I was touched when they inquired with me about their wedding in 2015! But first in line was their engagement shoot. These two wonderful people are very busy with their careers, however in their down time together they love to have adventures in the mountains and outside. Thus, I proposed photographing in lovely Eaton, New Hampshire for their engagement shoot. They loved the idea! Located right there you have the amazing Crystal Lake, classic dirt New Hampshire roads, and then one of the best and easiest summits on Foss Mountain. We had a blast and an incredibly beautiful night! And I also loved Asya’s adorable eggshell blue dress with Mikes classic corduroy jacket, and then their second look with Asya’s sassy red heels and cute blue jeans and Mike with his boat shoes and button down! Take a peek below, and I can’t wait for their wedding in June 2015!
Photographed by Anne Skidmore of Anne Skidmore Photography

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