Olde Orchard Inn Wedding: Patrick & Elizabeth

Where do we even begin?  My gosh, Patrick and Elizabeth’s wedding day was so special for so many reasons, it’s hard to know exactly where to start.  When Elizabeth e-mailed us about her wedding she said they were “outdoorsy, loving, artsy, laid back and family oriented”, right then and there we had our hopes up that she would indeed choose us to capture her wedding day, and she did!  Patrick and Elizabeth wed at the Olde Orchard Inn in Moultonborough, New Hampshire on May 24th, 2014.  Her grandparents used to own the inn, her mother grew up there, and Elizabeth has spent a few summers there as well!  It indeed was a special place to have their wedding day.  They invited seventy of their closest friends and family, and they all brought so much love and energy, it was contagious!  Elizabeth got ready in the main inn with her mother and sister, while Patrick got suited up in a cottage on the property with his groomsmen.  We had a first look moment all set amongst birch trees just down the road.  Patrick waited for his bride, and they had a very intimate moment together.  A few more portraits by the birch trees was a must, and all of a sudden it started to rain!  And did it rain!  But it didn’t phase Elizabeth in the least and they embraced it during their portrait session.  The result?  Beautiful and stunning imagery!  We headed back to the main inn, and miraculously the sun decided to come out just in time for the ceremony!  It felt like a different day!  There was so much laughter and tears of joy throughout the ceremony, it was incredibly beautiful!  A favorite part was when each bridesmaid and groomsmen were asked to pick a work that describe the bride and the groom.  Elizabeth and Patrick sealed it with a kiss and were off to hug friends and family as they made their way to the dinner tent.  Threatening skies were coming back, and raindrops soon fell.  Again, Patrick and Elizabeth didn’t let this phase them, and as they were announced into the tent, they threw their umbrella in the air and once again embraced the rain as they entered!  Dinner was hosted by Flatbread Company, and there were toasts and a special song that brought back more tears of joy.  We snuck into the apple orchard when there was a little break in the rain for a few last portraits.  These two walked the dirt road,  went into the barn, and were all smiles back in the orchard together.  Following, it was time for dancing in the barn into the night!  Thank you, thank you Patrick and Elizabeth!  Your day was incredible, and we feel so fortunate that such a wonderful couple came into our lives!  May the images below help the memories flow back as though it all just happened yesterday.

Olde_Orchard_Inn_0001Olde_Orchard_Inn_0002Olde_Orchard_Inn_0003Olde_Orchard_Inn_0004Olde_Orchard_Inn_0005Olde_Orchard_Inn_0006Olde_Orchard_Inn_0007Olde_Orchard_Inn_0008Olde_Orchard_Inn_0009Olde_Orchard_Inn_0010Olde_Orchard_Inn_0011Olde_Orchard_Inn_0012Olde_Orchard_Inn_0013Olde_Orchard_Inn_0014Olde_Orchard_Inn_0015Olde_Orchard_Inn_0016Olde_Orchard_Inn_0017Olde_Orchard_Inn_0018Olde_Orchard_Inn_0019Olde_Orchard_Inn_0020Olde_Orchard_Inn_0021Olde_Orchard_Inn_0022Olde_Orchard_Inn_0023Olde_Orchard_Inn_0024Olde_Orchard_Inn_0025Olde_Orchard_Inn_0026Olde_Orchard_Inn_0027Olde_Orchard_Inn_0028Olde_Orchard_Inn_0029Olde_Orchard_Inn_0030Olde_Orchard_Inn_0031Olde_Orchard_Inn_0032Olde_Orchard_Inn_0033Olde_Orchard_Inn_0034Olde_Orchard_Inn_0035Olde_Orchard_Inn_0036Olde_Orchard_Inn_0037Olde_Orchard_Inn_0038Olde_Orchard_Inn_0039Olde_Orchard_Inn_0040Olde_Orchard_Inn_0043Olde_Orchard_Inn_0041Olde_Orchard_Inn_0042Olde_Orchard_Inn_0045Olde_Orchard_Inn_0044Olde_Orchard_Inn_0046Olde_Orchard_Inn_0047Olde_Orchard_Inn_0073Olde_Orchard_Inn_0049Olde_Orchard_Inn_0050Olde_Orchard_Inn_0052Olde_Orchard_Inn_0053Olde_Orchard_Inn_0054Olde_Orchard_Inn_0055Olde_Orchard_Inn_0051Olde_Orchard_Inn_0056Olde_Orchard_Inn_0057Olde_Orchard_Inn_0059Olde_Orchard_Inn_0058Olde_Orchard_Inn_0060Olde_Orchard_Inn_0061Olde_Orchard_Inn_0062Olde_Orchard_Inn_0063Olde_Orchard_Inn_0064Olde_Orchard_Inn_0065Olde_Orchard_Inn_0066Olde_Orchard_Inn_0067Olde_Orchard_Inn_0068Olde_Orchard_Inn_0069Olde_Orchard_Inn_0070Olde_Orchard_Inn_0071Olde_Orchard_Inn_0072Main Photographer:  Anne Skidmore

Second Photographer:  Jordan Luciano

Ceremony:  Olde Orchard Inn, Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Reception Location: Olde Orchard Inn, Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Florist:  Dandelion’s Florist, Wolfeboro, NH

Hair & Makeup:  Bride’s Sister & Friend Of The Bride

Brides Gold Headpiece:  Handmade By Bride’s Aunt Nina

Catering: Flatbread Company

Wedding Cookies:  Friend Of The Bride & Groom

Wedding Pies:  Moulton Farms, Meredith, New Hampshire